All Visitors From Overseas Must Adapt to Mandatory Self-Quarantine.: Kerala Health Minister

All Visitors From Overseas, After an individual from a non-high-risk nation tested positive for the Omicron strain of COVID-19, Kerala Health Minister Veena George warned on Thursday that self-quarantine will be seriously implemented in the state for anyone visiting from overseas.

The minister advised in a high-level conference that everyone must rigorously follow the self-quarantine regulations. Avoid social contacts, crowded locations, theatres, and malls, according to a state government statement. The minister decided an individual who had traveled from Congo, a low-risk country, tested positive for Omicron. Now has a big contact list due to his visits to shopping centers and restaurants before receiving his test results.

He was authorized to be in self-quarantine under federal criteria. Because he came from a low-risk country, according to the ministry. She stated that his contact list is being developed. His route map would be publicized, and that anyone who may have come in contact with him should notify the Health Department.

The minister revealed on Wednesday night the four more people, including three ladies, had tested positive for Omicron. Two of these females were the mother-in-law (67) and the 39-year-old man’s wife (38). They’ve been the first in the province to test positive for the new variety. He and his wife had just returned from a trip to the United Kingdom. The woman (22) was from Thiruvananthapuram, and the 37-year-old male from Ernakulam had lately returned from Congo.

It was also decided at the session that samples of individuals from high-risk nations, people from abroad who test positive for COVID in random checks, and individuals who test positive for coronavirus after coming into contact with people from the above 2 groups would be sent for genetic screening, according to the release. COVID positive cluster samples will also be sent for genetic testing, according to the statement.

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