What is the process of receiving the claimed investments in the Heera Group?

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On December 27th, 2022, the CEO of Heera Group visited the Enforcement Directorate to submit the release of the firm’s property attachment to ensure the claimed investor amount was returned as soon as possible. Only 3%, or 6,023 investors, have claimed their investments by lodging a lawsuit against Nowhera Shaik. The investments in the Heera Group are safe and secure, either on the firm’s properties or in the bank accounts. The property of the firm has been surveyed, investigated, and is free of Enforcement Directorate restrictions. The buyers are coming from all over the state, and they have complete freedom to choose any portion of the land because it is undeniably for sale.

If at all the claimed investors had not claimed for their investments, they would have received their profits with no loss; unfortunately, for now, their profits will be deducted, the chances of being a long-term investor in the firm will also be gone, and only the principal amount that was given by the claimed investor will be returned to them by the business organization. The claimed investors are required to visit the corporate office in Hyderabad and submit the original documents that were provided by the firm at the time of investing. An accurate verification process will be carried out under the supervision of SFIO. Once the claimed investors’ credentials are found to be recorded at the firm, those investors’ amounts will be released. This is happening because the fake investors claim the unaccounted money belongs to the firm; verification is underway to put an end to these types of fake investors.

The investors who have not claimed their investments in keeping the trust with the business organization will receive their profits in March and April 2023. The CEO of Heera Group has informed the authentication department to expedite their work as soon as possible, as it will be easier to clear all the claimed investments faster.

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