Thrissur has the most prosperous business happenings, with a combined group of companies worth around Rs. 40,000 crores

Thrissur is the name of the temple of festivals, also called Thrissur Pooram, and it has been the most beautiful of all in India for several decades. It is also the hub of economic activities to be pursued, indulging in jewellery making, trading, and commerce. There is no doubt that, after several records from the allocated departments, the combined wealth of the rich in Kerala is worth around Rs. 40,000 crores. Even in the small towns in the city, these places make the highest number of transactions pertaining to their dealings in the field of business.

Surat in Gujarat is the first, and it is also the largest city in terms of revenue, with around Rs. 52,000 crores. According to the survey results, 19 people from the city are members of the Rs. 1,000 crore club. Starting from the expansion of the jewellery trade to the booming textile industry, banking, and financial institutions ranging from small-scale to large-scale companies, traditional Ayurvedic centres to super-specialty medical colleges, furniture outlets, small-scale industries involving roof tile businesses, and joss stick manufacturing, Kerala has it all. Golds of all qualities, such as 14 karat, 22 karats, and so on, are traded in Thrissur city. Even the first Indian Coffee Outlets, the restaurant chains run by worker cooperative societies in the state and the country’s fourth, were set up in the region.

In fact, Thrissur’s entrepreneurs sell almost everything, from tea to gold, in order to become the richest of all. Thrissur is known as the commercial capital of Kerala. The city is mostly into gold ornaments, furniture, ayurvedic medicine industries, etc. Thrissur is present not only in the trading sector but also in the manufacturing and banking sectors, making its riches all the while.

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