Thousands of messages have been sent to Nowhera Shaik on Whatsapp, and payment will be released soon. 

Assalam Alaikum (Greetings) Heera Group investors and supporters are doing well, thanks to Allah Rabbul Alamin Heera Group. Heera Group is planning to reimburse needy investors before the month of Ramadan, as Nowhera Shaik has already stated, and the company will begin paying the 20% soon. The Holy Month of Ramadan is approaching, and the iron woman does not want her devoted investors to suffer any further. She has been working tirelessly to reimburse everyone, but this is impossible without data. Heera Group has no investor data, and the Supreme Court of India has asked the agencies to hand over Heera Group’s data several times with no response. Finally, Heera Group agreed to compensate the needy investors because she did not want the repayment process to be delayed. 

Investors who suffer a medical or another emergency will be compensated 20% of their remaining balance. 

Thousands of messages have been sent to her on Whatsapp, and payment will be sent out soon. The boss lady is personally dealing with all of the messages you are sending on my Whatsapp, and payment will be granted based on the research. She only asks that folks wait a little longer because gathering data from various sources takes time, but they are working around the clock to make your payment. Investors who have medical or other emergencies will get a payment of 20% of their remaining balance. She always prays for her family and children because it was my investors who remained by her when everyone else had deserted her. 

After gathering documents from the court, Heera Group compiled a list of investors, and even if the individuals are not on the list, their 20% balance will be reimbursed. Here is a major announcement from Heera Group ahead of the holy months of Ramadan and Eid, and inshaAllah, all investors will be pleased. The majority of individuals are dealing with a variety of issues, and Ramadan will begin next month. As a result, Heera Group has decided to compensate you all. During the holy month of Ramadan, may God accept all of your good acts and duas. 

Investors in the Heera Group have applied because they are in need, and Nowhera Shaik personally reviewed it. Heera Group has established a link between the court’s complete jurisdiction, the CCSO, the EOW, and any other locations where complaint lists are available. They compiled the list after gathering documents from the court, and even if the individuals are not on the list, their 20% balance will be paid. 

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