The time has come to relax for all the investors of Heera Group

In accordance with the Supreme Court’s minimum liability requirements, above and beyond the same, the CEO of Heera Group, Dr. Nowhera Shaik, accompanied by a prolific team of attorneys, made their way to the Apex Court of India to showcase the strong financial evidence that is worth more than Rs. 600 crores and presented the firm’s prime property situated in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, and the buyer’s information in a sealed envelope to the chief justice.

It is more than enough to cover an investment of about Rs. 400 crores in a single property out of 87. The Heera Group’s property in Shaikpet, Tolichowki, has been surveyed, investigated by the concerned departments, and is free of Enforcement Directorate restrictions. The board is also placed on the land, along with the available portions. The buyers have the freedom to choose any portion of the land. The property is undeniably for sale. Hopefully, the property will be sold soon.

The claimed investors are needed to submit the original documents that were provided at the time of investing once accurate verifications from the proficient team of the firm have been made in the records. The investor’s amount will be released. The investors who have not claimed their investments will receive their profits as promised earlier. The firm will file the income taxes with the Government of India in the months of March and April 2023, and then the processes will be completed. The investors who have claimed, after the verification process, will have two options to choose from the business organization: they can either choose the property for the amount invested or instead get the money itself at their convenience.

The Heera Group family will always be supportive of all their supporters who have helped them overcome the obstacles, and the fantastic team is working on a regular basis to provide benefits to everyone in launching their upcoming business project, which will be revealed in a short time after the settlements are completed.

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