The Supreme Court’s decision brings joy to all Heera Group investors

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of Heera Group with the splendid team of attorneys paid their visit to the Apex Court of India, to display the strong pecuniary evidence and presented the Heera Group properties purchasers list in a secured envelope to the chief justice beyond the Supreme Court’s minimal accountability requirement.

The money invested in Heera Group is completely safe; it is either in bank accounts or on Heera Group’s properties. Recent updates on the properties of the firm indicate that they have already been surveyed by the designated team of the properties and are free of Enforcement Directorate (ED) restrictions. The property is unquestionably for sale. Buyers of the Tolichowki, Shaikpet, in Hyderabad are about to make a purchase of the property. Revenue intelligence reports have also been considered and progressed accordingly, as per the terminologies. The amount invested in the Heera Group will be paid to the authenticated claimed investors after a double check on the records of the Heera Group.

The investor’s funds will be released in the months of March and April (Financial Year) 2023, after the Heera Group has paid income taxes to the Government of India. According to the updated judgement dated November 10, 2022, the Heera Group must pay Rs. 317 crores, and proofs of assurance worth Rs. 600 crores or more have been successfully submitted to the Supreme Court.

Investors who have not claimed their investment in the Heera Group family will also receive the promised profits. It will be made available to all investors at the financial year 2023 as mentioned above. The well-wishers and loyal supporters of the Heera Group family will be remembered forever, and the Heera Group is about to provide amazing business projects that will be revealed in a short period of time after the settlements of all the claimed investors.

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