The state government fines Etihad Airlines for a six-year-old complaint lodged

An elderly couple was seeking Rs. 25 lakhs for causing injustice through the airline company’s rules and regulations. The elderly couple, K. Kumaran Kusabhadran and Radhamany of Alappuzha District, had claimed compensation for the incidents that happened to them. The difficulties of delaying or rescheduling flights operated by the same airlines did not function accurately with their specified timings.

The couple had booked their tickets up and down directly, from Thiruvanthapuram to Los Angeles, California, US, via Abu Dhabi, by paying Rs. 76,249 per ticket on February 3rd, 2015. The connecting flight to Los Angeles from Abu Dhabi was missed even after waiting for an hour in the airport. Because the travelers’ flights were missed, the airlines rerouted them to a New York flight, which arrived in Los Angeles without seeking or informing the couple of their predicament. After crossing all these hurdles of waiting with the airlines, the couple reached their destination 13 hours late.

Despite rearranging the flight to their destination, the airline would have taken the initiative to provide them with another direct flight to Los Angeles from Abu Dhabi. So that might have reduced the consumption of time and treating the customers in a good manner also played a major role in the appearances against the airlines.

The State Commission inspected the consequences that occurred then and ordered the airlines to pay an amount of Rs. 1 lakh on each traveller’s ticket for each complainant, with an interest rate of 8% per annum from the date of filing a complaint against the airlines to the respective departments indulging in the progress of their functions. The amount of Rs. 10,000 must also be paid for the costs incurred by the travellers who have claimed their rights by channelling the structured visions of the Etihad Airlines firm.

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