The good times have begun with the Supreme Court’s decision to the Heera Group

The CEO of Heera Group, Dr. Nowhera Shaik, accompanied by the legal team, made their visit to the Apex Court to showcase the assured monetary proof beyond the Supreme Court’s minimal accountability criteria and also submitted the Heera Group property’s purchasers list in a secured envelope to the chief justice.

After investigating the objectives of the Heera Group, accurate judgment has provided a blissful feeling to all the investors in the Heera Group family. The investors who have claimed their invested amount in the Heera Group will receive their invested amount only after thorough verification from the authorized department of the Heera Group, because the ones who have not invested are claiming it in the records of the Heera Group. The investor’s amount with the Heera Group is either in the bank account or on the property; there is nothing to worry about there.

The investors will receive the amount after verification from the splendid team of the Heera Group in the months of March and April 2023, after filing income tax returns with the government of India. The investors will be provided with two choices: to get the invested amount or to get the property of the same amount invested in the firm. The investors who have not claimed their profits will receive them as promised at the same time as mentioned above. This includes even the investors abroad in the Heera Group family. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is blessed because of the well-wishers, supporters, etc. who have supported her during the tough times of facing the hurdles of misconceptions. Once the Heera Group’s settlements have been cleared, the Heera Group family will reveal the new projects’ worth of benefits to everyone who trusts them about the concerns

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