Tax paid regularly; still, the case against Heera Group?

Dr Nowhera Shaik- A founder of Heera Group

A women activist turned politician. Heera Group links in different parts of the world and is one of the pioneers in the gold exchange of the country. The company is regularly filing income tax from its start. In 2018, when the company was under investigation for a fraudulent allegation, Heer Group never failed to pay the tax. 

The companies altogether were paying Income taxes up to 100 crores. A case was registered against Nowhera Shaik, And her company, which all if added was not even about 1 crore, all though she was paying a 100 crore as tax to the nation. She also claims that each company’s activity was through the bank and is very honest. But still, the company is facing court.  


Heera Group is one of the nation’s reputed companies, offering mainly to the country’s growth. The company is helping out needy people from various walks of life. The actions of Nowhera Shaik as a women’s right activist is remarkable. Heera Group is giving help for the education of thousands of students.

A company having an outstanding track record, acussed of  gold scam? She is suffering long court battles for longer than 2 years. The company has all the proper documentation in this regard, but still, the case is going on. Such activists on an uprising business will adversely affect India’s economic division and push away entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, from the nation.

A businesswoman like Nowhera Shaik deserves better treatment from the government system. She is one of the strongest women personalities of the country, who is directing big business firms and is continually working to better the nation. 

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