Police caught the one who stole gold coins in Thrissur

A man, Kozhikode-Thikkodi Vadakkepurayil Rahil (28), was apprehended for, among other things, extorting gold coins from the staff of a jewellery shop. Cops apprehended Rahil for extorting seven gold coins after duping the jewellery staff in Thrissur and fleeing to another location. He also convinced the staff that he was the Managing Director of a big company and that he needed the gold coins to present to his staff members.

Rahil made his plan in a fantastic manner; calling the staff of the jewellery shop from a five-star hotel in the city, saying that he is residing there, and also asking the staff to bring the gold coins and deliver them directly to the hotel. He introduced himself as the MD’s Personal Assistant to the jewellery staff, who had reached the hotel premises to deliver the gold coins.

Convincing the jewellery staff that the MD is taking a rest in the room and will be back in a couple of minutes as he is in need of proper rest as a result of his business trip; meanwhile, the MD will be getting back the money, but please deliver it to me; so, once this scenario was completed, Rahil caught an elevator, making the jewellery staff wait, and escaped from the spot. Soon after waiting for some minutes, the jewellery staff came to know that they were being cheated, and immediately they gave the complaint to the Thrissur East Police.

After investigating the case, the police informed that Rahil was in judicial custody (prison) for extorting money, gold, and several others. He used to extort iPhone earlier and watches and got caught for the same, that are worth around Rs. 10 lakhs from a mobile phone store in Vyttila. Rahil used to stay in various cities while operating his functions to progress some or other things for money. 

Finally, the police officials caught Rahil and did justice for the jewellery store by getting their gold back to them.

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