On Amazon, A Kerala Guy Orders a Passport Cover And Receives an Actual Passport Along With The Good

Kerala Guy Orders, When ordering from e-commerce websites, it’s not uncommon to receive the wrong items. A man from Aluva, Kerala, purchased an iPhone 12 from Amazon in October of last year; but instead received a bar of dishwashing detergent and a Rs 5 coin. Another man from Kerala has now experienced something similar.

Mithun Babu, a resident of Kaniyambetta in Kerala’s Wayanad district; bought a passport case from Amazon but received a passport copy instead. Mithun purchased a passport cover via Amazon on October 30. The package arrived on November 1, but when he unwrapped it; he discovered a real passport in addition to the cover.

Mithun called Amazon customer service right away. However, he was taken aback by the response. “It won’t happen again,” the customer service person said, “and we’ll tell the vendor to be extra cautious next time. They didn’t say what must be done with the passport that came with the package, though.

The real passport originally belonged to Mohammad Salih, a resident of Kerala’s Thrissur region, as per the data on it. The holder of the passport can not be contacted initially owing to the unavailability of a mobile number; in the passport. Mithun’s attempts, on the other hand, resulted in the property’s identification.

“He replaced the items when he didn’t like it and won’t return the passport;” Mithun alleged, adding that sleeve of the passport. He got was probably purchased by first Muhammad Salih and also that he almost double covering with his passport. The merchant did not thoroughly inspect the returned merchandise and sold it when he got another purchase “Added he. Mithun, on the other hand, intends to return the passport to its rightful owner as quickly as possible.

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