Not all rumors are true.  

There have been so many rumors regarding the originality of the Heera group. But over time, the truth has spoken and came out like the sunlight. The testimonials from various individuals across the globe have made an enriching and sustainable path for the future. It is true that like every first-time entrepreneur Nowhera Shaik also had to go through a lot. She learned from her mistakes. Still, how she became the prime target of media and political parties for their vested interest shows how much hate people still hold against women. The kinds of rumors she had to put up with regularly eventually destroyed some excellent possibilities that the Heera group could see in the future. The prospects, the growth, the urge to work with people, for the people all got diminished. The endless personal attacks have also started to pop up with this.

In personal interviews, Nowhera Shaik had said this one thing many times: this happened to her primarily because of a Category. The religious category, the gender Category, lay above all. Every time she encountered Questions, that put a question mark on her status. This status remained for so long with her that she lost control after a specific time being and did not even care to stop the media from spreading the rumors. This was the time when the press took the upper hand. Instead of sharing the positivity that always remained within the territory of Heera Group, they went on and on with their budding stories that put a question mark on their credibility and made a lot of questions about the basic principles of journalism. If spreading rumors becomes the sole ingredient of news daily, what will be the place for trustworthy, transparent journalism that will help the marginalized fight their battles. It is sad and utterly unfortunate that being so close to the country’s tech hubs, from where most of the revenue gets generated, Nowhera Shaik had faced such backlashes. It is also true that rumors have slowly taken a turn in her career, which went on for a long time.  

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