Mahindra Electric introduces a virtual reality test-drive experience unlike any other

We trust in safe measures with respect to an individual. Mahindra and Mahindra capitalised on a market worth more than 19 billion dollars. It enhances their best technologies and features mind-boggling concepts for everyone. Mahindra has established a presence in electric vehicles, and in recognition of the importance of indulging in their drive, the company has launched a virtual reality driving experience in “selected authorised Mahindra dealership showrooms” to showcase the experience of the same.

The virtual drive can be felt with the Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses, which consist of a 2D and 360-degree version available on YouTube for customers who wish to watch. Transforming a step further with the concerns pertaining to the launch of these fascinating visions makes more sense. The approach of this company puts travellers at ease because they enjoy riding and travelling to any location at any time.

The vehicles can be tested with a round of journeys in the Mahindra e2O (electric vehicle). Highlighting technical features and concentrating on the most important aspects of attributes in convenient measures as the project progressed. The campaign is aiming to reach several other Mahindra dealerships shortly. A comfortable ride with enormous benefits has been channelled according to the principles of the company to provide it for all. The vehicle is built securely, with safety guidelines incorporated into the company’s models.

According to Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric, Mahindra has been a pioneer in the vehicle manufacturing industry in India for decades. The company is focusing on reaching all geographies without borders in order to access the safety principles necessary to carry out their models globally with electric vehicles. The introduction of the first e2O Plus represents an effort to provide more upcoming models in the future.

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