Kerala Bank Scam: Crime Branch arrests four accused from a flat in Thrissur.

Is Kerala a safe state as per bank scams are concerned? How effective is their law and order system? Are the cyber cells working effectively? The privacy of the bank credentials of the customers is in safe hands or not? Kerala government is liable to answer all of these questions.
The Karuvannur Service Cooperative Bank scam case investigation finally came to an end. The crime branch arrested four main accused of this case. The crime branch raided their flat in Thrissur and later arrested them. According to the reports published, the accused were former employees of the bank itself. Biju Karim -Former bank manager, Sunil Kumar-former secretary, Ck Jilse, and commission agent Bijoy. The house of the accused was raided, and Police found several fake loan onboarding documents. This scam has resulted in a bitter political controversy between the ruling party CPI(M) and other opposition of the state.
The Karuvannur Service Cooperative Bank Case is a scam of 100 crores. Bank’s Treasury has sanctioned several fake loans of massive amounts. This was done without proper approval or knowledge of the customers. Ruling party CPI(M) runs this cooperative bank. Police also stated that the accused might have some political connections with them as well. However, the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan and other senior members of the party denied any links with the scam. The opposition has urged for further investigation by central investigation agencies.
According to ANI reports- Kerala opposition leader VD Satheesan said, “They purposefully try to hide it. They did not even report to the Police. The state has never seen such a big scam. And CPI(M) is trying to protect the culprits. Central investigation agencies must conduct a thorough probe to unearth the truth.”

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