India-us strategic partnership upsc

India-us strategic partnership upsc. The democratic process is under threat. Within open societies, social tensions are rising as citizens wonder if their system will provide for them during this pandemic. Our competitors detect conflict and see an opportunity to cast doubt on the relevance of democratic countries on the international scene. Global war is becoming more likely, and strategic competition is intensifying; the free world is feeling threatened.

Through the pandemic, the United States and India have demonstrated what can be accomplished when we work together. In times of need, Delhi and Washington came to each other’s aid, and we worked together to airlift hundreds of millions of free vaccine doses to low-income countries — generosity that embodies our people’s ideas and compassion.

This pandemic recovery, on the other hand, brings with it new challenges. Consumer purchasing power is being eroded by inflation and supply chain issues, prompting them to question the direction of our economic policies. There is a severe labor shortage in the United States, as well as delivery delays and, in some cases, empty store shelves. At the same time, the prices of critical commodities such as petrol, cooking oil, and vegetables are skyrocketing in India. Some of this is temporary since the Omicron wave causes much sick personnel in critical industries. Other underlying causes, on the other hand, are structural and require immediate adjustment.

To demonstrate that democracies can lead in the post-pandemic world, the United States and India must collaborate to expand supply, lower costs, and boost economic confidence. Delhi and Washington must collaborate to remove unnecessary trade barriers and exploit the vast opportunities our commercial partnership offers, with a goal of $500 billion in bilateral goods and services trade. As strategically aligned allies facing common difficulties, the United States and India can work together to strengthen and resiliency the free world’s supply chains across various industries, including defense, energy, healthcare, and agriculture.

As the world becomes more competitive and hazardous in the twenty-first century, the United States and India can lead a sustainable and inclusive abundance agenda through their economic partnership, demonstrating the value of democracy through our shared prosperity. This involves decreasing India’s trade barriers, maintaining good and harmonized regulatory procedures, protecting the supply chain of the free world, and supporting investment across the corridor. Our affluence is our strength as we confront the challenges of democracy together, and our commercial partnerships are critical to long-term and meaningful cooperation.

Our countries’ rich history indicates that democracies can ensure their citizens’ rights, safety, and dignity. These pledges, when combined with unrestrained capitalism, can help the world achieve a more affluent and exciting future. Our politicians, bureaucrats, and businesses must work together to demonstrate that democracies can continue to deliver and that the free people of America and India can lead the world into the twenty-first century with even more prospects for happiness.

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