Will Heera Group Investors Get Their Money Back ?

Heera group owner, Nowhera Shaik, said that Heera group would repay its investors their deposits without fail. She filed an affidavit in the court stating the procedures through which she will repay the IGB members of the Heera group. Investors will get their money in four installments within 16 months. Although The investors who want to withdraw the amount can use withdrawal forms of the company. Investors who request a withdrawal will receive 25% of their invested funds within four months of their request, as well as the quarterly profit. Also, the investors’ accounts will be settled within four months from the date of Dr. Nowhera Shaik’s release on regular bail.

Moreover the date the company’s accounts are de-freeze. Even though the software of the Heera group is damaged during the police raid at Heera Gold’s office at Banjara Hills, which happened following the acquisition of a scam case, the company will pay the amount to those investors who come to their office and file withdrawal form. The company promises to give back investment amounts to the people and has no intentions to cheat.

Nowhera Shaik

When the IGB members submit the withdrawal form, the investors will get three choices: Withdrawal Complete, Continue with Company, and semi Withdrawal. Although Investors can choose the option according to their preferences. Whatever the choice is, the investors will get their amount back.

The Following Documents Of The Heera Group Investors Required For The IBG Link:

  • Aadhar Card-(Compulsory)
  • Photo of Applicant-(Compulsory)
  • Specimen Signature of Applicant-(Compulsory)
  • Applicant’s email address, permanent phone number, and WhatsApp number (registered or new)- (Compulsory)
  • Bank Proof of Applicant (Passbook of Bank Summary)-(Compulsory) 6. Bank Transfer Proof to HG (Transfer receipt/cheque copy and Bank Statement)-(Compulsory)
  • UTR No. (Unique Transaction Number) or Cheque Number-(Compulsory)
  • Other Documents: Especially
  1. Passport copy of Applicant
  2. Pan Card copy of Applicant
  3. Driving license 


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