Blissful news to all the investors of Heera Group

The time has come for investors of Heera Group to relax from the Supreme Court of India judgement pertaining to the concerns of the invested money by the Heera Group investors. According to the Apex Court’s minimal accountability requirement, the CEO of Heera Group, Dr. Nowhera Shaik, along with their legal team paid their way to showcase the strong financial proofs, and the Heera Group property purchaser’s information list to the justice in a closed envelope. The Court of Law after accurate investigations, discussions and analysis of the problem. The actual judgement has been revealed out.

The investors of the invested money to the Heera Group will surely be returned in the month of March-April, after filing the Income Tax to the Government of India. The investors will have to show their authenticated evidence of the invested amount to the Heera Group, then after thorough verifications from the relevant departments, the claimed investor will be getting two options: that would be, the amount will be released to them or else the investor can even take the property of the same invested amount to the Heera Group Family. The investors who have not claimed for the invested amount, as given word-they will be receiving their profits for the invested amount to the Heera Group in the financial year of 2023.

Heera Group family supporters will always be remembered for ever and ever when at the time of hurdles of facing consequences by the CEO of Heera Group (Dr. Nowhera Shaik). The investors who have not claimed for their invested amount will never be at loss at any point in time, meanwhile the firm has got many business concepts to be presented and will be shortly informed to everyone after the final settlements of the claimed investors.

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