Yami Gautam on her keratosis pilaris skin condition

Yami Gautam on her keratosis

 Yami Gautam on her keratosis pilaris skin condition, an actor, recently decided to let go of all her “fears and insecurities”. She recently shared a note mentioning keratosis pilaris, an incurable skin ailment since she was a teenager.

 Instead of hiding her skin problem, the 32-year-old chose to embrace it. Yami continued: I didn’t really feel like retouching my tinea versicolor, smoothing my ‘under-eye,’ or ‘shaping up’ that waist just a smidgeon more! Nonetheless, I am in awe of my own beauty.”

She went on to say, “For those who haven’t heard about keratosis pilaris, it’s a skin ailment where you get little bumps on the skin.” They aren’t as horrible as your imagination and your next-door auntie make them out to be. This skin issue struck me when I was a teenager, and there is still no cure.”

“Keratosis pilaris develops microscopic tiny pimples on upper arms, legs, and elbows,” . This is stated by Sonal Bansal, consultant dermatologist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon. They can be crimson and harsh to the touch. It looks very similar to the new hair on the body. 

Pilaris skin condition

As per the doctor’s advice, the skin should be treated only with gentle skincare products. Try to stay away from strong abrasives. Gentle exfoliation is also quite helpful in this regard.”

With her message, Yami set a good example for self-love and acceptance of one’s own self. “I’ve been dealing with it for a long time. And today I finally decided to let go of all my anxieties and insecurities. Finally, I have the strength to unconditionally love and embrace my ‘flaws.’ I also summoned the fortitude to tell you the truth.

But Yami Gautam being the top-notch Bollywood actress is a burning inspiration for each and every girl. She has enough courage to come forward and discuss her skin issues. And that too being in the beauty and grooming industry. 

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