The Big Picture show Ranveer Singh fees

The Big Picture show Ranveer Singh fees, Quiz shows are not a new idea on television, but Colors has pushed the envelope with The Big Picture. They are coming up with a visual-based game show. This new quiz show, hosted by Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, puts participants’ knowledge and memory skills to the test. Here the candidate also gets a chance to win Rs 5 crore. The Big Picture is definitely enjoyable. But it also appears to be designed solely for Ranveer Singh’s admirers, thanks to its luxurious set and novel premise.

Preparation for ‘The Big Picture?

Ranveer says, ‘Yes, maybe for the first time I did so much homework.  You may not know, but during my studies, I used to run away from homework the most.  I never did my homework.  But, that was school, this is a career.  Here I prepared fiercely before shooting for the show.  Practiced it for hours with the show makers.

It was an emotional experience for Ranveer. He was shooting for the second episode of the show with Abhay Singh of Gorakhpur, one such city.  Abhay has been running the house by tutoring young children.  Ranveer has also done a lot of preparations to keep the quiz show ‘The Big Picture’ alive and take it forward with human sensibilities.  He also says that the test of television is more challenging than films.

There is no time to prepare in TV

Ranveer Singh says, “In the era, we are living in, the effect of the seen is the most.  What we see on television forms the basis of our thoughts and ideas. The TV soaps and reality shows and many other things help us to form a base on our head.   This is also the specialty of ‘The Big Picture.

I personally love watching quiz shows since I was a kid.  And see today I am going to host a quiz show myself.  But, it is not that easy either.  There is a lot of time to do a character in cinema.  You have to work fast on TV.  But, TV has also taught me a lot and I believe the possibilities of this medium are limitless.

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