Katrina Kaif Has Been Slashed? Trolls Claim That Her Face Has Been Ruined By Plastic Surgery And Botox

Katrina Kaif Has Been Slashed

Katrina Kaif has been facing a lot of flak from trolls nowadays. While this is not a new issue, it can be alarming and difficult to address. Celebrities are frequently criticized for their appearances, acting abilities, and other qualities; however, Katrina Kaif was singled out this night before going to bed for her brief appearance on the cover of a magazine.

Katrina Kaif, who is going all out to promote her next film Sooryavanshi, received backlash on social media when some of her recent photos appeared. Many internet users believed that Katrina had changed her appearance and chastised her for reportedly having surgery.

Someone reacted to Katrina’s newest look from Sooryavanshi campaigns by writing, “Her face has been disfigured by plastic surgery and Botox. Unbelievable #KatrinaKaif looks different.”

Is it possible that this is a form of addiction? Once you’ve started, there’s no turning back. She bears no resemblance to the woman she once was “Another user made a remark.

Trolls Claim That Her Face Has Been Ruined

This isn’t the first occasion Katrina has been mocked for her appearance. Trolls have been attacking her a lot lately. She, on the other hand, never entertains them and prefers to ignore their unfavorable comments about her beauty. She is a staunch believer that she’s doing this with her face or body should be entirely her choice, and that haters should stay out of it.

The film is believed to be the most costly Bollywood film ever, with a budget of Rs 350 crore. Kat appears to be unconcerned about the trolls, but she seems to be unconcerned about the anger and cruel insults being disseminated on social networks. The actress is under no obligation to react to her detractors and would instead let her art do the talking!

In the meantime, Katrina is frequently in the news due to marriage rumors with Vicky Kaushal, in addition to her imminent release. According to sources, she and Vicky are planning to marry in December, and it will be a spectacular event! It will be interesting to watch if Katrina will be wedded by the ending of 2021.

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