Darshan Raval birthday

Darshan Raval birthday, ‘Duniya Chhor Doon,’ Darshan Raval’s new song, is out now. For his new track, the artist teamed up with Indie Music Label.

Darshan Raval’s tunes have a large following. The artist is known for releasing deep songs with hypnotic lyrics and music. He also collaborated with T-Series on the song Tera Naam. Now he’s back with a new song called Duniya Chhor Doon. Indie Music Label released his latest single as the artist celebrated his 27th birthday today. For the past week, Darshan Raval has been teasing his new single Duniya Chhor Doon on social media. The artist teamed up with Indie Music Label to launch his latest track this season.

On the occasion of Darshan Raval’s birthday, the music company released the song today at 11 a.m. The heart is quite happy and willing to break through all barriers to be finally in love.” Darshan Raval sings and writes the song.

Darshan Raval’s Music Journey

Darshan Raval became famous after appearing on the singing tv program India’s Raw Star in 2014. With his very first appearance on the show, the singer wowed the audience. The 27-year-old attributes his success to reality television.

Darshan Raval talked about the influence of singing reality programs on his life. Raval rose to fame after appearing on India’s Raw Star. Before the show, he had released independent music videos. He talked about how the show made him stand out. Raval claimed that everything was typical for him because he did not experience any problems when it came to inventing sob tales to get on reality shows. He continued by saying that the audience adored and supported him as a vocalist.

We can see Raval in various roles in Bollywood as a result of his involvement. His unusual voice has stayed in the hearts of the audience for years after the performance. Moreover Chogada, Jab Tum Chaho, Mehrama, Kheench Meri Photo, Odhani, Khwahish Mein Teri, and many other Bollywood films have included him as a voice actor.

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