Nowhera Shaik: A Voice For Farmers

A Voice For Farmers is Nowhera Shaik. India is known for its farming and the highest rate in suicide rates of farmers. Whatever the people are now, the first occupation was agriculture; whatever we have today doesn’t matter. It’s agriculture that is the foundation of all. Then why does our country never value agriculturist ? Is that the primary thing that the government should focus on? Farmers are always unrespected and unvalued. Moreover They don’t even get enough money for their day-to-day expenses. Still, they stick and continue farming for our country. agriculturist protest for this unpleasant behavior; of the government and many social activists too help them and raise voice for their welfare. One such activist is Nowhera Shaik. She is a social activist and an entrepreneur, the founder of the Heera group; the brain behind the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, and a women activist.

A Voice For Farmers:

Nowhera Shaik: A Voice For Farmers
Nowhera Shaik: A Voice For Farmers

Whatever she is, Nowhera focuses mainly on the unvalued sector of our country, especially of women; rural people, illiterate ones, and of course, agriculturist. She shared business profit among these people. She aims to upgrade the quality of life and standards of farmers. About two percent of the profit of the Heera group was provided; to farmers or utilized for the welfare of this unrecognized section of India. As the president of All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP),

Nowhera Shaik showed immense interest in transferring her ideology of helping farmers to AIMEP. Moreover The regional political party of India with the slogan ‘Justice to humanity’ portrayed; the real people of India, which is the poor and middle-class India.

Moreover AIMEP raised against chemical uses in farming and planned to arrange interest-free loans to farmers; thereby showing a path to farm correctly, water supply for irrigation, manure for fields, etc. Although She being a suitable president of AIMEP reflects the real mind and thinking of farmers. She respects her land, the soil.

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