Kerala and Israel sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Tourism and Agricultural Products

The CM of Kerala greeted Haim with a traditional gesture in order to make business deals involving tourism and farm products dealing with exports and imports.

The Consul General of Israel, Tammy Ben Haim, visited Kerala to meet the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, to explore the possibilities of cooperation. The meeting between the two took place in the Chief Minister’s office. Haim assured the CM that she would speak with the Minister of Tourism in Israel about the tourism sector’s concerns and that official talks to sign an MoU with Israeli companies for the development of value-added agricultural products would continue.

The CM has good relations with the Israeli government, and everyone will benefit if resources are channelled appropriately. The CM also recalled the long-term relationship with Israel and mentioned the Synagogue in Kochi as a symbol of Jewish settlement in the southern states of India. In a tweet, Haim said that it was a great honour to conclude the visit to the most beautiful state with a meeting with the CM of Kerala.

Following the above-mentioned meeting with the relevant departments, the functioning will be improved. Haim was impressed by the talks, and after visiting the state, he was covered in the beauty of nature. She is overwhelmed to start business dealings with “God’s own country” (Kerala).

Simultaneously, the fresh products that are being cultivated in Kerala will benefit people’s health. The land is home to a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Health is maintained in a good manner once again with the use of agricultural products. Traveling to Israel will also be helpful to those needed. Hopefully, as discussions progress, Kerala and Israel will reach a mutual understanding to start their functions soon.

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