Delhi Farmer who sent labourers their home during the Covid-19 Pandemic Ends his life

A farmer from Delhi named Pappan Singh Gahlot committed himself on Tuesday after purchasing flight tickets for workers in mushroom fields to bring home while the Covid-19 lockdown was in effect. Gahlot claimed in a suicide note that he is doing this extreme thing because of “sickness.” The farmer, 55, leaves behind his wife and a daughter. In the shrine built in front of Gahlot’s home in the TigiPur village of outer North Delhi, his body was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan on Tuesday evening.

Delhi Farmer

A bystander discovered his dead, and the police were notified.The incident was reported to the police at around 5 o’clock, according to reports. Gahlot left a note at the scene explaining his decision to commit suicide and blaming it on a “illness.” He also claimed responsibility for the deed. Further inquiries are being conducted, and police have transferred Gahlot’s body to a neighbouring government hospital for a post-mortem.

The mushroom farmer who, in May 2020, because of a covid shutdown, ordered his workers home to Bihar during the migration crisis, was discovered Wednesday hanging from a ceiling fan in a Shiv temple near the Alipur police station in New Delhi. The dead has been named as Pappan Singh, 55, of the village of Tigipur. During the COVID19 lockdown, he became well-known for purchasing his staff’ plane tickets from Delhi to Patna. Singh used to go every day to the Shiv temple that was in front of his residence. According to the authorities, a priest today observed him hanging from a ceiling fan. A suicide note that stated the cause as sickness has been found. The family has no suspicions about anyone. Accordingly, more inquest processes must be conducted.

In May 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic-related migratory crisis, Singh (Delhi Farmer) gained notoriety for flying 10 of his employees back to their home state of Bihar. To assist his employees, some of whom had worked for him for more than 20 years, Singh spent over Rs 1 lakh. In addition, Singh invited the staff to assist him in his mushroom farming operations from August to April.

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